Pueblo de Panay, Inc.

Pueblo de Panay Township provides an environment where you can prosper and improve your lifestyle.

Everything will be ten minutes away in Pueblo de Panay. With housing developments and communities scattered all over the township, your work and recreation will all be just ten minutes away from your home. Pueblo de Panay Township will be the perfect venue where you can have the Life.Work.Balance. that everyone dreams of.

The Outdoors

60% of the township is allocated to parks, lagoons, lakes, and open/common spaces. This is a way to ensure real Life.Work.Balance that every Filipino Family aspires for and truly deserves. This makes Pueblo de Panay more than just a township; it is an eco-township where the natural environment from which it rises remains unharmed by progress.


The township enjoys the strong support of local organizations like the Capiz ICT Council, Capiz Cycling Club, Chi Alpha Philippines Mob (XAPHM, a dance organization), Capiz Mangaka Union (CMU, a council of visual artists), Spartans (a crossfit group), as well as schools, LGUs, NGAs, and the business sector.


Pueblo de Panay Township is also host to a religious landmark – the Sacred Heart of Jesus Shrine. Commonly called The Shrine by the locals, the 102-foot (31 meters) Sacred Heart of Jesus Shrine, mounted on a 30-foot (9 meters) pedestal on top of a 366-foot hill (112 meters), in Pueblo de Panay Township is the tallest statue of Jesus in the Philippines, and the fourth tallest in the world.

Monte Vista

Walk through a property in 360° views right from your device.

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