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Kislap: Share the Light, One Star at a Time

The Christmas Parol has always been a symbol of hope, joy, and generosity during the Holiday season. Indeed, Paskong Pinoy is a Filipino Tradition that will not be complete without the radiant and delightful display of Parols in the communities. The Parol, after all, is an insignia of the brighter tomorrow that we hope awaits us all.

Last year, for Christmas 2020, Pueblo de Panay created a campaign called Beacon of Hope, whose primary aim was to give hope to Capiznons by hanging numerous parols to light their way all throughout the township. We were amazed that the campaign yielded so much attention, increased foot traffic, and gained traction on our social media platforms with over 200k people reached. Needless to say, we were positively surprised at the results of that endeavor.

For this year, we want to continue this Parol campaign, but make it even bigger and better. We are inviting you and your office to join us through our Adopt a Parol campaign with the theme, “KISLAP – Share the Light, One Star at a Time”. By being part of this activity, you will automatically become a donor in the Christmas Gift Giving activity in December (official date to be determined) and have your brand, office or agency featured across all related marketing collaterals in various media and channels.

With your own parol(s), you can share the light with our local community in this direst and darkest of times.

Be Someone’s Hope and Joy; Join us in KISLAP – Share the Light, One Star at a Time.

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