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Monte Vista Roxas | The Legacy of Luxury

New luxury development in the province of Capiz

Monte Vista Roxas
Monte Vista Roxas

The new luxury residential community, is Pueblo de Panay Township’s jewel in the crown.

The city’s first and only luxury residential community is designed for families and individuals looking to enjoy the freedom of open spaces, along with an exceptional degree of connectivity to the rest of the world. Master-planned for the ideal lifestyle that promotes wellness and high productivity, Monte Vista’s layout features ample walking routes and a network of bike lanes.

It’s a gated enclave, offering residents a high sense of safety as they enjoy quality family time at home and indulge in the top-tier leisure amenities available to them at all times. Wires and cables are also tucked into an underground cable network, keeping Monte Vista’s picturesque hillside views free from obstruction

Monte Vista

Walk through a property in 360° views right from your device.

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