Pueblo de Panay, Inc.

Message from the CEO

Our family and our company’s humble beginnings is no secret to most Capiznons. We have, for the past 30 years now, devoted the prime of our lives, choosing to ground our roots in this beloved city and province of ours. The commitment was made in the early 1990s when the siblings in our generation decided to stay put in our country amidst the temptation to migrate abroad, go back to Roxas City and Capiz, and venture on entrepreneurship and development. We have labored, along with our employees, to build an organization whose size and breadth we could not have even imagined when we started, leading in countryside development and inclusive growth in Northern Panay Island.

We were driven by three very important things: 1) love of family, 2) concern for employees entrusted to our care, and 3) a responsibility to the community that we do business in.

It was my love of family that brought me home to Roxas City in 1992. My desire to help in the family enterprise caused me to forego my personal ambition to work abroad as an Actuary and work with my siblings in building communities.

It is concern for our employees that drives us to treat them not only as corporate personnel but part of our family. Despite our limitations, we try our best to extend medical, educational, and other forms of support to our employees and their families when needed.

It is our sense of responsibility to our community that keeps us engaged in helping solve local issues. With SHJDC, we aimed to provide quality and affordable homes to our people. With Pueblo de Panay Township, I have made job creation, one of our most important measures of success.

Unfortunately, we have also witnessed many calamities and trials in the past years. This Pandemic Year is no exception, with our Companies likewise affected by the Economic Recession that followed. However, one thing I know for certain is that we remain steadfast to our Mission. The People in our company and community are an unending source of Inspiration. Everywhere we look, despite our difficulties, we see unabashed displays of dedication, kindness and love. And today, even as we face the challenges of a global pandemic, my love of family, my concern for employees and their families, and my responsibility to the community – still continue to hold strong and true.

On behalf of our family and our employees, I send my deepest gratitude to all of you in our community who continue to support us with your patronage, your encouragement, your kind words, and moving messages. Thank you for making us your home, your investment location, your work address, your shopping destination, and the place you go to spend quality time with your loved ones.

May God bless you and keep you safe.

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